Coroner blames camera for road death

Speed cameras are now so widely-used on Britain’s roads that they are in danger of becoming a hazard rather than a safety measure believes John Pollard, the coroner for South Manchester, “the plethora of such things as cameras, road markings, different coloured tarmac, illuminated signs and non-illuminated signs is distracting many drivers from having their full attention on driving. Speed cameras distract them particularly. I’ve noticed it myself on the roads, when drivers who are unfamiliar with a particular stretch will break harshly to 30mph when perhaps the limit is actually 50mph.


“These cameras are a valuable safety measure when properly sited and used. But they are in danger of becoming a hazard.”

The coroner also criticised the increased use of signs giving “unnecessary information”, the reliance upon cycle lanes rather than basic observation skills, and the emphasis on sanctions and restrictions against motorists rather than teaching pedestrians to use roads safely.

He added: “We are becoming such a protecting society that unless individuals feel they are protected by state or legislation, they don’t seem to bother to protect themselves.”

Via Telegraph.