Computational Couture

If you’re in the Cambridge, MA, area, don’t miss the seamless show to be held tomorrow. It will feature garments at the intersection of fashion and technology.

“Some fashions are designed to cause people to examine the disconnect that many feel in the electronically augmented society,” commented Nick Knouf who organised the event with Christine Liu.

Among the works to be shown:

Simon Says: TOUCH, by Alison Lewis, is a wearable simon-like experience with integrated touch sensors which enable you to play on the back of your fellow man. With this shrug, you get simultaneous play time and a wonderful massage. She will also show her fabulous Closer pullover that respond to positive touch interactions.


Bea Camacho’s Extensions are crocheted gloves and sleeve-like garments which embody the impulse to create connections with others but prevent any such interaction from taking place. They extend from the body but reinforce a sense of separation.


She also made untitled sound objects that make sounds when you squeeze them. The sounds were produced by systematically converting 2D shapes into sound waves. When squeezed, the objects become animated and seem as if they are trying to talk to you, as well as to each other.

The event will take place on May 20, 2005 at 8:00pm at the Media Laboratory, Cambridge, MA 02139.