Communicating clothes

France T�l�com R&D have developped operational prototypes of flexible color screens that can be integrated into clothing.

The possibility to display images directly on their bodies allows people to communicate their emotions, wishes, opinions, etc. via drawings, logo, animations or SMS that they can generate themselves or that they have received from other persons.

The screen is connected to a mobile phone via a Bluetooth link, so drawings and animations can be sent by MMS to other users with the same equipment.

Relying on an embedded software application, the mobile phone can be used as a remote control to activate the screen’s controls to adjust the brightness, select the image or text to be displayed, draw animated visuals, or download animations from the net.

A more sophisticated animation editor would allow professionals to sell their own animations, which will be downloadable on the mobile phone from Internet.

The screen is removable, weighs about 50 grams, and has a rechargeable battery (4 hours). FT will conduct trials of the device in July and hopes to launch the product on the market in the near future.


Found on GSM Box.