Coloured lenses could improve your game

Red, yellow and amber-coloured lenses are being tested by Nike. The company believes they can help players see the ball better, particularly in bright sunlight.

While grey lenses could help golfers separate out individual blades of grass. the red ones are ideal for fast-moving sports. Red colours are useful for baseball players because amber blocks out blue light – “visual noise” to vision experts – and red areas, such as the seams on a baseball, are accentuated.


The colour of the lenses has been designed to ensure the wearer does not actually see a red tint, and bright sunlight is filtered out. It is hoped that by wearing them during sunny matches, wearers could prolong their playing careers.

The lenses which have been under development for seven years could be used in Britain this year by Premiership players. Nike is working with a contact lens company to sell them through opticians.

Via The Scotsman.