Internet for those who wouldn’t approach a computer

NetObjects is a collection of everyday objects that give real time a information from the web. The collection has been conceived as an attempt to question the role of networked appliances in the domestic environment.

netObjects are designed for eight stereotypes of media consumers who are fascinated with different types of content and who seldom get online through the computer screen.


Each object has one very simple and specific function. For example, netGossip is a pot dedicated to the readers of Hello magazine and keeps them posted about the latest (mis)adventures of their favourite stars. netUmbrella, is an umbrella providing you with the weather forecasts, netFlirt is a box that stamps love messages for lonely hearts, netCuckoo is a cuckoo clock that displays news, with a switch to choose between left wing or right wing news, etc.

The project was developed by Hector Serrano (the designer of the swimmingpool lamp) and Victor Viña and launched last October 2003 at e-culture fair 2 in Amsterdam. The exhibition consists of eight interactive prototypes, eight photographs, and a video with testimonials of the eight characters of this story.

Via Elastico.