CitySnake is a large scale collaborative game that pits citie against each other in a head to head action game. CitySnake is played both on the web and in public through large scale projections and cell phones.


The goal is to destroy the snake of rival cities by making it lose health points: by causing rival team to run into your snake, the walls or by biting its tail. If you manage to bite a rival snake, the eaten player is deleted. As a member of a team you represent one cell of the snake and have one vote in determining the direction your team’s snake will move.

Play prototype.

The project is being developed by Victoria Fang and Jason Corace through a commission from They are currently looking for people interested in helping put on games in their own cities.
Contact them: citysnake at gmail dot com

List of 2005/2006 rhizome commissions. Previously blogged: Email Erosion, Panel Junction, Fallen Fruit and GWEI.

Deadline for proposals to rhizome 2006/2007 is April 7!