Video projection software for perspective distortion

Christopher Bauder and Till Beckmann from w-h-i-t-e-v-o-i-d interaction design were showing one of their latest projects at the NEXT exhibition in Copenhagen last weekend.

Video objects
is a custom software to perspectively distort video content in realtime. The pre-distorted videos are projected from one video projector onto multiple real world 3D objects.


The resulting projected imagery seems to be sticking on the surfaces of the objects. The source videos can be adjusted to the respective objects on the spot with a projected helper grid or an imported 3D model of the real world setup. Once the system is aligned the projected videos can be exchanged in realtime by drag and drop in a VJ-like manner. I watched Bauder as he was demo-ing the application and the software seemed quite easy to use, the results of his manipulation were quite fast and precise.

Bauder is also a VJ and he felt the need for such application. He looked around, couldn’t find anything satisfying and developed Video Objects. The artists’ plan is to further develop the idea and find a way to make projections on spherical objects as well.

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More images of Video Objects on flickr.