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Mark Tribe has just informed me that New Media Art, the book he wrote together with Reena Jana, is now available online as a wiki book. It is not intended as a substitute or replacement for the paper version, but rather as an expandable educational resource to which artists, curators, students and others may contribute.

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Long overdue: a few words about issue 19 of aminima:: dedicated to ars electronica. If you missed the event and are unhappy with my (uncomplete) coverage of it, now’s your chance to catch up with the highlights of the festival: Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignoneau present the Interface Culture masters program they are heading in Linz; Eyal Fried made a great interview of Alvaro Cassinelli; there are a few pages about Song fuer C, A detective mystery for mobile phones, by M+M; Gerfried Stocker and Christine Schoepf talk about the theme of ars electronica 2006 Simplicity – the art of complexity, etc.

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The best part is a wrap up of Medialab Madrid‘s workshop/seminar/exhibition called Interactivos and orchestrated by David Cuartielles, Zachary Lieberman and Hans Christoph Steiner. Some of the projects developed during the workshop were shown at the Brucknerhaus during the festival.

You can order the bi-monthly magazine by contacting aminima:: at aminima dot net. The publication costs just a few euros and most of the articles are both in english and spanish.