Chastity belts for the wireless world

Interactive designer Theo Humphries, from the Royal College of Arts in London, is working on the “under(a)wareables” project that features new kinds of chastity belts.

The devices are intended to be worn by people who are aware of their function, some would also allow clandestine surveillance by paranoid partners.

– the where(a)ware undergarments are aware of their geographical position and they can only be safely removed in certain locations, otherwise the underwear sends a text message to alert the jaleous lover when the wearer has left it and is not where s/he’s supposed to be.

Watch where(a)wear video (2 min)

– time(a)ware undergarments are aware of the amount of time that they have been pulled down or off. If this time exceeds the length of the average toilet trip, an alert is sent to the partner (video)


– snap(a)ware undergarments are reactive to light and location: they take a photo just before they are removed (video)

– the narc(a)ware ones are aware of chemical instances and levels of toxic substances in the blood, sweat and bodily fluids of their users, if these levels rise too high – ALERT! (video)