Chant-sensitive ballrobots

HMV is a board game, created in 2001 by ///fur/////, with which players move semi-autonomous ball robots by making sounds. Form and gravity collude with voice, board and chance. The spheres are autonomous robots that have been created to listen to a certain pitch and starts to move if the right frequency is hummed or sung.


The initial setting does not provide rules. The players get involved and slowly experience strategies and goals.


Marcellina and Gesine van der Grinten will give a singing performance with His Master’s Voice in Kranenburg (Germany) in October and the works will be shown again at CYNETart_04areale, a festival for computer based art held in Dresden (GER) on November 17-21.

Other ///fur/// works: Vroom vroom, Inside a flipper and The Painstation.