Subverting and Perverting Gameboy

Super Kid Fighter, by the Critical Art Ensemble and the Carbon Defense League, is based on the premise that due to the influence of games in childhood development, a GameBoy is the perfect media for tactical media activism targeting children.
The artists illegally hacked the GameBoy. The resulting GameBoy ROM requires the player to wag school, sell drugs, work for the mafia and kill a policeman to obtain the reward of the game – free admission to the town’s newest brothel. The project was conceived prior to children gaining easy access to the internet. The project was coupled with a media package for teenage boys titled Child As Audience, which included radical software, instructions on how to hack a GameBoy, a CD of hardcore music, and a pamphlet on the oppression of youth.
A few years ago, the CAE even placed these “improved” games on store shelves in time for the Christmas shopping season.
Instructions for Reverse-Engineering the Chip.
Via selectparks.