Moving compass

There were a couple of interactive installation at Designmai Youngsters.

Ipunkt is a personal orientation system for visitors of museums, fairs or other big buildings and events. Each visitor is assigned a circle and is guided by numbers and colours.


Locations which are farer away come into the inner circle when you come closer to your destination. The circle size addapts its radius to the speed you are walking with. So if you are running you are still able to use the navigation system.

By entering the Ipunkt area with a group, every member gets a number so you are always able to find the others (at the moment the application can be used by up to 15 people).

If you need additional information about a location, a «ticker» will give you the information you need. Go to the location of your choice and the «ticker» will activate after a few seconds if you are not

Quite nice, i liked the graphics, the space to experiment it was rather tiny so it’s hard to tell how it could be like in a big fair and the system is not very intuitive so i wonder how much time it would take to master it.


By Jeffrey Gold & Oliver Ellger at UDK.