Bordergames, by La Fiambrera Obrera (Spain), isn’t yet a game. It is platform that allows young Maghrebis to decide during workshops which stories they wish to tell, which complaints they want to raise, and which aspects of their lives they want to be lived out by future players of Bordergames.


Bordergames confronts the many problems in which adolescent immigrants living in big city neighbourhoods are immersed.

The objective is to build a tool, in the form of a video game, which permits the youngsters to develop an expressive and organisational autonomy in order to portray themselves and the present state of their community, in an environment in which their cultural traditions mingle with the urban context in which they currently live. In turn, Bordergames will function as an instrument of political, social and cultural coordination and communication, in order to generate a sense of community and to share useful information with a wider audience through the game.

The work is part of the banquete_comunicación_en_evolución event, at Media Lab Madrid till February 28.