Bluetooth to reduce airport stress

The first prize of Bonfire industrial design competition from ID Fuel, a contest that rewards the product that would best help with the stresses of increased airport security, went to Bluebird, a Bluetooth luggage tag that allerts travellers mobile phone when their luggage is nearby.

They attach a Bluebird to each piece, check-in, flight, relax and wait for the Bluebird to blink when the bag is within range on the carrousel.

The device can store any type of contact information. If the luggage is sent to the wrong destination, travel authorities can retrieve detailed contact information from Bluebird using a Bluetooth enabled computer.

Among runners up, Wavelength tracks travellers’ wallet or child via RFID. But, I’m sick of writing about RFID’d kids. I’m pleased my mother doesn’t read the blog, she’d urge me to get tagged.


From Blueserker.