Biorama Huddersfield

0aabioram.jpgBit slow with the blogging cuz i do not always have access to internet but service should resume as normal from tomorrow on.

Late notice but i hope some of you can come and enjoy a Biorama afternoon in Huddersfield. The event is bringing together artists who explore notions of life, science and digital realities.

This morning Andy Gracie (hostprods), currently in residency at DRU, and Brandon Ballangee will take us for a hike around Marsden Moor, traditional and digital networking systems, satellite communications, perceptions of landscape and the history and possible future of interstellar communication. The walking talk will cover the parallel conceptual territories including the topography of local transmission masts, the history of interstellar communications, the landscape painting tradition and the micro ecology of the moors. Simple scientific field experiments and samplings will be carried out at various points on the way which will provide a window on the methodologies and concepts which Andy has been attempting to weave together throughout the residency.

The Biorama Sessions are free and open to the public. They will start at 3.30 p.m. at the Media Centre.

In each session, two artists will present their work and explore common territories before brief open discussion.

Participants: Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Andy Gracie, Brandon Ballengee, C-Lab, etoy, France Cadet and London Fieldworks.

Image: Brandon Ballengée, Green frog (Detail).