Bikes against Bush

Bikes Against Bush” turns a bicycle into media “weapons” for non-violent, creative resistance to this year Republican National Convention (from August 30 to September 2).

A mechanical printing device made of spray-chalk aerosol cans is mounted on a wireless bike to print on street surfaces text messages sent by web users through the website. The cyclist decides which, when and where the biodegradable messages should be printed.

As the message is printed, the site automatically updates a live map marking the location of the message. A webcam on the bike also documents the process with a snapshot.


The author of the project is Joshua Kinberg, known also for his website, BluetoothUsersAgainstBush.
To develop the bike, he was advised by Yury Gitman, the creator of Magicbike, a traditional bike with wireless Internet connectivity offering free access wherever it’s ridden or parked.

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