Fashion Projects is out, 21f is online

0serpica.jpgBeverly Tang is finally launching the 21f website.

TWENTY1F (or 21F) is a group of designers, researchers, artists & technologists pushing the boundaries of fashion. We are committed to exploring and documenting the redefinition of the body and society through the hybridization of clothing and technology. 21F features news, events, opportunities, and resources.

21f is:
US east coast: Alison Lewis, Katherine Moriwaki
US west coast: Beverly Tang, Karen Marcelo
Europe: Régine Debatty, Sabine Seymour, Francesca Rosella, Ryan Genz.

To contact us and send us suggestions and tips about the future of fashion, fabrics and wearable computing, drop us a line at twenty1f {at} or just send me your message. If you wish to receive postings from the website, please go to and type in your email at the top right corner.

If you like fashion –not the usual catwalk or high street one but fashion that questions, provokes and makes you think, i’d also recommend Fashion Projects, edited by Francesca Granata. The current issue features interviews and portraits of Cat Chow and Susan Cianciolo, Simon Periton, Despina Papadopoulos (founding member of the design collective Studio 5050), Show Studio, etc.

There’s also an essay about the use of clothes by European protest movements, in particular the Italian collective Serpica Naro whose spoof fashion show managed to gain entrance into the official Milanese fashion calendar last year. The magazine is a good read, devoid of any ad and incredibly cheap.