Berliner Liste

More from Art Forum Berlin. Because i spent only two days in town, i actually never made it to the big art fair. Instead, i went for the fringe, edgier events and i am pretty happy with that choice. I don’t know if it’s a sign that something is changing in the way art bloggers are perceived by press offices or if it just due to carelessness but for the first time, i went to a contemporary art event (read a non-new media arty place) and received a press pass at each venue without being looked down as a sub-human specimen because i am “only” a blogger and i didn’t get the usual “no, sorry! Bloggers are not part of the media, please go this way to queue and buy your ticket.” Just my pass and a catalog, bliss! Btw, i’d love to hear about other bloggers’ experience with press passes at other art and non art events.

0aalisteeeu.jpg0aadeleeva.jpgEntrance of Berliner Liste and Eva&Adele wandering around the building

The Berliner Liste is an off-fair which aims to provide young galleries who work with emerging artists with a format where they can experiment without financial risk. The 59 galleries presented at Berliner occupied 3,000 square metres of a former post freight depot at Gleisdreieck, not far away from Potsdamer Platz.

Insane amount of works i liked, here are just a few of them:

0afgaleriefgre.jpgSebastian Meschenmoser, Familie im Farn

Monkeys are the new cows, they are everywhere these days, not that i’d complain when the works where they star are as good as Sebastian Meschenmoser‘s paintings shown by the Galerie Greulich.

0aatomicpicn.jpgDaniela Edburg, Atomic Picnic

When she is not staging the family delights of atomic picnic, photographer Daniela Edburg is into Drop Dead Gorgeous ladies who commit suicide by stuffing themselves with Oreos, get an over dose of Slim Fast drinks or are attacked by Cotton Candy (at Kunsthaus Santa Fe).

0adeadlifesav.jpgDaniela Edburg, Death by Lifesavers, 2006

The Galerie Open had a neat selection of artists. One of them is Fred Fleisher who creates sculptures, by recycling contemporary and vintage stuffed toys. He rescues them and strips them down from any cute characteristic, allowing for new readings to emerge.

0aadeadtedd.jpg0aabiggri.jpgFred Fleisher, Dead Carebear and Big Grin

TH Gallery was showing many Bart Baele. Each of them as dark as you can get.

0aabart11.jpg0abbbart2.jpgBart Baele

Sigrid Nienstedt‘s portraits of animals at Galerie Peters-Barenbrock.

0lesanglier.jpgSigrid Nienstedt, Wildschwein, 2007

Spotted at San Francisco-based gallery Electric Works, Travis Somerville‘s sexed-up family portraits

1afamilll.jpg011familll.jpgTravis Somerville, A Family Tradition

Creative Thrift Shop came all the way from Brooklyn with Guerra de la Paz photos. There was the famous War! series featuring dirty Gi Joe’s. I liked the Mutations & Others much more. The anthropomorphic sculptures explore the possibilities of genetic deviation and ponder society’s fears and reluctant fascinations with the unexplained while offering a look at the inconceivable yet probable devolution of man.

0arecnacimo8.jpg0alapinoooy7.jpgGuerra de la Paz, Cub and Renacimiento-Rebirth

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