Being not truthful

beingnottruthful1.jpgbeingnottruthful2.jpgRalph Ammer and Stefan Sagmeister have teamed up to create an installation which was first exhibited at Austrian Cultural Forum last week in NYC. It uses the aphorism Being not truthful works against me taken from Sagmeister’s diary Things I have learned in my life so far. Like many of his works, it is a handwritten sentence which is being reproduced in an unusual way.

The words, generatively built up in form of a spiderweb through a custom software developed by Ralph Ammer, are projected on a wall. The installation also includes a small camera which is filming the area in front of the projection in order to create a mirror-like situation. The spiderweb is being superimposed on the live image and when a person moves in front of the screen, he or she warps the web until it beautifully rips apart. After the person is gone, the web will gradually rebuild and the maxim lasts until the next disturbance.

The piece seeks to question both the notion of truthfulness as such and the general issue of turning a statement into a rule, even if just a personal one: “This fragile construction serves as a metaphor for the vulnerability of the maxim and the effort to perpetuate it. In a sense it is “physically” questioned by everybody who passes and damages it.”

Video (9 mb)