Tatsumi Orimoto

Been thinking about the work of Tatsumi Orimoto ever since i saw his pictures at the Venice Biennale in 2001. Just couldn’t remember his name. But found traces of him this morning. Totally by chance. Quelle chance!

Orimoto3.jpgBreadman at the Brussels Train Station (1996)

Orimoto has produced photographs, objects and videos of his “Bread Man” performances. His head wrapped into loafs of French baguettes, the Bread Man has appeared all around the world in streets, squares, hotels, museums… The artist believes that what matters is the effect he has on the people he encounters.

Orimotoo5.jpgTire Tube Communication – Mama and Neighbors (1998)

But what i like best in his Small Mama series: affected by Alzheimer’s, Odai is almost deaf because of antidepressive medication and Orimoto has continously to look for ways to communicate with her.

Small Mama + Big Shoes
and Mama and Me from 3 to 29 October (1998)

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