Banana mayonnaise and collagene soup

A research by market analysts Mintel could help forecast what a day in the basket of tomorrow’s consumer could be.

The day would start with vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and niacin in a bowl of green tea cereal. The Nissin Cisco’s Green Tea Cereal, available in Japan, is a rice-based cereal containing green tea powder, green tea extract, and gyokuro tea.

After that you’d want to have a try at a pack of toothpaste from Margaret Josefine in Japan which offers 31 different flavours including caf� au lait, Indian curry or pumpkin pudding flavours.

As a mid-morning snacks, Procter & Gamble’s Pringle Prints have jokes and trivia questions printed directly on the crisps.


Such snacks could lead the way to a new range of products with information or messages printed on them.

If you’re fed up with french dressing, why not try banana-flavoured mayonnaise on your salad? The Chungjungwon mayonnaise for kids from Daesang Food in South Korea is packaged in a bottle with a cap shaped like a duck’s head and beak.

In the US, Nutri/System sells Aquascents Bottles which come with three plastic caps impregnated with different aromas. Add water to the bottle, screw on the cap, and depending on which cap you choose, you will think that the water is flavoured with lemon, peach, or berry.


Beauty foods, or cosmeceuticals, find their way into instant soups with Nissin Food Products’ Biken Kenshoku new collagen soup, once again made in Japan. The company claims this soup contains 1000mg of collagen per serving.

Via Food Production Daily.

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