Augmented Animals

James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau‘s Augmented Animals concept imagines a world where some of man‘s technology has been adapted for animals, tending to some of their specific needs.

Many animals, in the course of their evolution, have developed mechanisms of defence against their enemy or predators. But evolution moves slowly, and technology could help them overcome evolutionary shortfalls.

This one is an Aerial Protection Jacket that protects field animals against aerial predators. The jacket has motorised telescopic defense spikes and vertical motion sensor.

This Acorn Positioning System for squirrel needs the animal to be trained to press the button on the device on burrying a nut. The global position is stored in the A.P.S. The red light is activated whenever the nut position is passed over leading the squirrel to his hoard. Using morphic resonance, the skills learned will spread throughout the population ensuring that they never go hungry.

Via Nicolas.