Architecture, urbanism and technologies in the conflict Palestine/Israel – I need your suggestions

At the end of next week, i’m going to be at the University of Architecture in Alicante for a workshop headed by Jose Perez de Lama and Pablo de Soto from hackitectura. I’m particularly glad to be working with them as i’ve been admiring their work for a few years now (cf. one of their previous works, Situation Room.)
The title of the workshop is Gaza (Palestine). Architecture, urbanism and technologies in the conflict Palestine/Israel. The objective of this (complex and how so delicate) event is to study the conflict and the role architecture and urbanism have in its development, but also to explore how a kind of laboratory of contemporary urbanism has emerged from the situation: gated communities, social controls, isolated islands, connections and disconnections, exclusion, alienations, etc.
Pablo has spent the past few weeks in Egypt where he is creating an alternative cartography of the frontier between Egypt and Gaza, more precisely in Rafah. We are collecting videos, information, links, online essays, artistic experiences, etc. Anything that could help us get a better picture of the issue and trigger ideas in the brain of the smart little students who would have to come up with proposals that foster and allow dialog, resistance, peace, human rights, communication, freedom, mutual understanding, international help, etc. That’s where i’m asking you if you have any suggestion of information we could use. You could either add them to my links by tagging the links with for:regine, add comments on this post or write me to the usual address (see second column on the homepage).
I’m going to document all our findings as well as the development of the workshop on a separate blog. Will update this post with a link to it next week.