Artissima, first images

I’ve just spent the afternoon at the professional sneak peek of Artissima, Turin’s contemporary art fair. Since i’m still uploading the hundreds of pictures i took, going through the catalogue, trying to identify the performances and screenings worth attending over the coming days and wondering whether i shouldn’t get away from this screen and head to the Share festival right now (whoever decided that the few interesting art events in this town should be crammed together in a couple of days should be submitted to the ordeal of hot water), i’m going to do the lazy thing and give you an easy preview of Artissima using a selection of the press images i received a few hours ago. I promise to be more diligent tomorrow. In the meantime, here are the goods:

5animal62_fbcbb71498_b.jpgVimmie Durham, Africa and Antinomianism, 2010. Courtesy of the Artist and Opdahl, Stavanger, Berlin

51himpig2471_50ca035692.jpgGianni Pettena, Someone call him pig, Minneapolis, USA, 1971. 
Courtesy Enrico Fornello, Milano

51arrest712_42745cf195_b.jpgEva Kotatkova, House Arrest, 2009. Courtesy Conduits, Milano

I loved this one and i’ll add that the Polish galleries rocked the fair this year:

5polish1615_f88848a572_z.jpgRadek Szlaga, Survivors, 2010. Courtesy LETO, Warsaw

5ramallah3955_38f787ffa5.jpgEmily Jacir, Ramallah Mall, 2006. Courtesy Alberto Peola, Torino

51rageroom685_ca88ccea21.jpgJohn Duncan, Rage Room, 2010. Courtesy Niklas Belenius, Stockholm

51olfga69f3b10e.jpgBirgit Jurgenssen, Ohne Titel (Olga), 1979. Estate of Birgit Jürgenssen, ph347
. Courtesy Hubert Winter, Wien

51decoface8_420bae66ce.jpgTomoko Sawada, Decoration/Face
. Courtesy Connoisseur Contemporary, Hong Kong

51fgillick60_29863d99ce.jpgLiam Gillick, Structured Projection, 2008. Photo: C. Delory. Courtesy Air de Paris, Paris

, 1998/2006. 
Courtesy Lovett/Codagnone and September, Berlin

5crazy02_d212fe5c01_z.jpgMel Bochner, Crazy, 2010. Courtesy Nelson-Freeman, Paris

5romzione231_716debaa35.jpggoldiechiari, Dispositivo di rimozione #3A, 2010
. Courtesy Gonzales y Gonzales, Santiago

5lootin276_0638a29f0c.jpgRegina José Galindo, Looting, 2010
. Performance. Image courtesy 
Prometeogallery, Milano, Lucca

5spagho405_4112d74b3d.jpgAnna Maria Maiolino, Por um Fio [By a Thread], (serie fotopoemação), 
. Photo:Regina Vater. 
Courtesy Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milano

5vilnius221_c58fe22822.jpgGeorges Rousse, Vilnius, 2009. Courtesy Photo&Contemporary, Torino

5james025_aba35a5cf3.jpgGareth James, Turning Serious, 2006. Courtesy Franco Soffiantino, Torino

Artissima, Turin’s contemporary art fair is open to the public on November 5, 6 and 7 from 12.00 to 8.00 pm.