Artissima 2013 – images without commentary

Since the last Artissima post was so verbose, this one adopts the opposite strategy.

0a1robertlongo8512.jpgRobert Longo, Untitled (Shark 7), 2008

0amorandi1_7testadimaialeUNO465s.jpgRainer Ganahl, Painting a Pig Head in front of a Giorgio Morandi, Testa di Maiale 1, 2012. At Galleria Astuni

0amorandi.p8OTTO_7417s.jpgRainer Ganahl, Painting a Pig Head in front of a Giorgio Morandi, Testa di Maiale 8, 2012. At Galleria Astuni

0Jonathan_Meese_DAS_LETZTE_VOLKSFEST_SCHREIT_KUNST_UNGLEICH_KLASSENKAMPF_9c39f.jpgJonathan Meese, Das Letzte Volksfest Schreit: Kunst Ungleich Klassenkampf, 2012. At Tim Van Laere Gallery

0aJonathan_Meese_DRAGONBABY_Johnny_Series_24b5f.jpgJonathan Meese, Dragonbaby, from the “Johnny” Series, 2012. At Tim Van Laere Gallery

Maurizio Anzeri makes his portraits by sewing directly into found vintage photographs.

0maurianzerirjnpo1_1280.jpgMaurizio Anzeri, Boo. At A Palazzo gallery

0maurizioanzeri03.jpgMaurizio Anzeri, Ben. At A Palazzo

0victoire190726.jpgMaurizio Anzeri, Victoire. At A Palazzo gallery

0a5.giuseppe stamponedetail.jpgGiuseppe Stampone, Giochi per bambini, 2012 (detail.) At Prometeo Gallery

0-Stampone-Giochi-per-bambini-2012-220-x-200-cm-Gamec-copy.jpgGiuseppe Stampone, Giochi per bambini, 2012. At Prometeo Gallery

0giuseppestamponeb5c9d.jpg0aaaaagiuseppestampoa569754.jpgGiuseppe Stampone, Giochi per bambini, 2012 (details.) At Prometeo Gallery

0Fishkin_tour-en-lair_03_web.jpgVladimir Fishkin, Tour en L Air, helium ballons, music (waltz of P.I. Tchaikovsky), engines connected with transmitter-receiver. Variable dimension (each balloon 90 cm in diameter), 2009. Photo: Marcus Schneider. Galerija Gregor Podnar

0a3CECartslink45b.jpgVadim Fishkin. Geo-graphic. Galerija Gregor Podnar. Image CEC ArtsLink

0aeugenioTibaldi1a.jpgEugenio Tibaldi, Sound 011, 2011. Galleria Umberto di Marino

Check out another of Eugenio Tibaldi’s work: the Landscape 011.

0gotSomething4u1ed7_z.jpgPer Dybvig, I’ve Got Something for You

0a8alexGUTKE2c5e.jpgAlexander Gutke, 1-2-3-4 (film still), 2010

I’m quite convinced that in contemporary art, “The Poles Do It Better.” Demonstration:

0Kusmirowski-Rogativx.jpgRobert Kusmirowski, Positiv Negativ, 2010. At Guido Costa Projects, Torino

0a8knaf37e0.jpg0knaf80f73.jpgLeszek Knaflewski, aka Knaf, Koło Klipsa, 1983-1990

0g5knafartissima5_157431024_n.jpgLeszek Knaflewski, aka Knaf, installation at Artissima. Image LETO gallery

0ipawel7360f5_z.jpgPaweł Śliwiński

0a8lutin1d72ea0e.jpgPaweł Śliwiński (detail)

0a8polaaaaa448.jpgPaweł Śliwiński (detail)

0ajosephKosuth6509.jpgJoseph Kosuth, Satisfaction

0aaa8nedko800.jpgNedko Solakov, Plan B

0a8ciupka30.jpgAnja Ciupka, Fur Clara

0aKati_Heck_alles_muss_nichts_darf_968b6.jpgKati Heck, Alles Muss, Nichts Darf, 2012. At Tim Van Laere Gallery

0g5_giorgio_guidi_3.jpg0giorgioGUIDIhumbnailjpg.jpgGiorgio Guidi, Is it just a matter of opinion? At Fondazione Spinola Banna

Pop is a waxwork of Turk as Sid Vicious in white jacket and black trousers, pointing a gun with the same gesture as Elvis Presley in the famous Andy Warhol’s painting.

0agavinturk651403_gavin-turk.jpgGavin Turk, White Pop, 2011. At Galerie Krinzinger

0propaganda8f044d.jpgMoataz Nasr, Propaganda, 2008

0olafur elisaasn09.jpgÓlafur Eliasson, Duo-colour double polyhedron lamp, 2011. At i8 Gallery

0nopositionsc7699.jpg0i8nopiostiona3442.jpgCeal Floyer, No Positions Available, Lisson Gallery, 2007

Rachel Foullon‘s barn objects from the Clusters installation look like props from a Western movie. They look worn and faded but they are also impeccably clean and their fold, creases and position seem to be the result of a careful study.

0O-OF-RACHEL-FOULLON_216.jpg0-OF-RACHEL-FOULLON_213.jpgRachel Foullon, Clusters, 2012. At LDT Los Angeles

Teresa Margolles asked people she met in the streets of Juarez what they thought about the city. The answers were incised on keys hand-made by a local artisan who works on the streets.

0margokeys17730_k.jpgTeresa Margolles, Llaves (Keys) (Asesinados – Freedom), 2012. At Peter Kilchmann

0aaaaa8mauriziomochetti040cd_z.jpgMaurizio Mochetti, Mission. At Oredaria arti contemporanee. Photo Fulvio

0aaaaa8maurizio092f.jpg0a8maurizio6e59952.jpgMaurizio Mochetti, Mission. At Oredaria arti contemporanee

0aaaa8weid408275db_z.jpgNathaniel Mellors, Bad Copy

0flavio5758948_1265849195_n.jpgFlavio Favelli, Sicilia. At Galleria Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea

Random views (i visited the fair on press day, hence the empty space):


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