Artissima 2017: Butts, superheroes and flaccid guns

Part 2 of my cursory review of the Artissima art fair which took place in Turin back in early November. Yesterday, i talked photos, today will be a rapid fire of paintings, drawings, installations, etc. In no particular order and with as little commentary as possible:

Rokni Haerizadeh, Piss Painting 1, 2009

Dark tales of violence and narco-trafficking behind the colourful collage/drawings of Camilo Restrepo:

Camilo Restrepo, Tight Rope #5 (Black Shadow), 2015

Camilo Restrepo, Rip Currents #3 (Burro), 2014

Camilo Restrepo, A Land Reform 13, 2016

I also liked the work of Todd Bienvenu. The two paintings below were not presented at the art fair, but they are too irresistible to ignore. The works shown at the booth of the Galerie Sébastien Bertrand were similarly zooming in on the nether regions.

Todd Bienvenu, Pizza Butt, 2016

Todd Bienvenu, Happy as a Penis

I noticed a strong presence of old Vlad:

Vedovamazzei, Putin, 2015

Roee Rosen, The Buried Alive Videos, 2013

Along with Camilo Restrepo, Omar BA is the most exciting discovery i made at Artissima:

Omar BA, Alép – Ground zero, 2016

Omar Ba, The real life: Puppet life, 2017

Two artists whose work i loved from Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea:

Silvia Argiolas, 3 Fasi Di Separazione, 2011

Silvia Argiolas, Solitudini differenti, 2014

Erika Nordqvist, Speed, Danger, Death, 2017

Erika Nordqvist, Havalina, 2016

Karl Haendel, Richard Nixon’s Childhood Home Annotated by My Daughter, 2017

Mark Dion, Concerning the Subject of Hunting, 2014

Hiwa K, A View from Above (video still), 2017

I didn’t see this work but i saw the photo in the press kit and it was too good to neglect:

Invernomuto, Installation view at Lost in Narration, The MAC, Belfast, 2017_2017

Marion Baruch, Superart, 1990

Georgina Gratrix, Pinterest Bride, 2017

Andrea Canepa, ICE 60086, 2017

Compelling works of digital embroidery and hand sewing on quilts:

Ghazaleh Avarzamani, Game of Goose, 2016

Ghazaleh Avarzamani, Game of Goose (detail), 2016

Ghazaleh Avarzamani, Commonwealth, 2013

Lida Abdul, Time, Love and the Workings of Anti-Love II #1, 2013

Vytautas Virzbickas, Bench for homeless, 2016

Jules de Balincourt, Truck Stop Blues, 2016

Jules de Balincourt, Study for Idol Hands, 2012-2015

Judy Blum Reddy, On the Outskirts of Hogtown, 1982

Adomas Danusevicius, I will hail you with diamonds I, 2016

Miriam Cahn, O.T., 2012

Reginald Sylvester II, Trip to Miami, 2017

Rosa Barba, Stellar Populations, 2017

Monica Bonvicini, Moore Oklahoma, 2013

Artissima 2017. Photo: © Perottino-Alfero-Bottallo-Formica

The catalogue of the fair is online (a smart idea that other art fairs should copy!) And if you’re into looking at really bad photos, don’t miss the ones i took during my visit of the fair.

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