Art calling digital art stories

Chiara Passa is working on a pretty interesting project:

Art Calling-Digital Art Stories is a public art project which aim is to bring people closer to digital art in an easy way.


The idea is to proposes people to go to city phone booths and listen to stories about digital art. They would only have to dial a phone number (found on a sticker on the booth) linked to a switchboard with various vocal options and audio files. The interaction is the usual one: you hear the options; pick up, say, “software art” which correspond to the number 5; so you press the 5 on the phone.

The stories would tell about the most interesting artists, artworks and events about interactive art, software art, modified video games, demo scene, hacking tools, digital installation, video animation, sound art from the beginning of the disciplines until today.

The audio files would contain also additional material such as bibliography, webgraphy, festivals, resources, infor about artists, etc.