Art13 London, the art fair that took us by surprise

You’d think that this town wasn’t big enough for another contemporary art fair. London has Frieze of course but also the London Art Fair, The Other Art Fair, the Affordable Art Fair, Kinetica, and i’m sure i’m forgetting others along the way.

But Art13 London, which took place a few weekends ago inside the stunning Olympia Grand Hall, demonstrated, if need be, that not all art fairs are created equal and that you can bring something different if you have enough taste and a clear vision.

Stephanie Dieckvoss, the fair director, gave the event the mission to bring to the city galleries and artists we haven’t seen much of here in Europe. Of course, all fairs claim to be ‘truly international’ but most of the time ‘around the world’ means Europe and the U.S.. Art13, however, sourced galleries and artists from Asia, the Middle East and Africa as well as the West. I can’t remember having discovered so many artists in such a short period of time.

Quick selection of the goods on show:

0aram801_1828233897_n.jpgAram Bartholl, Offline Monochrome (triptych), 2013. Photo DAM GALLERY

Aram Bartholl had a cunning and unassuming set of wifi routers at the booth of the DAM Gallery (Berlin/Frankfurt.) Each router is associated to a specific digital art work. The work is online and you can view it on your own smartphone. Connect to the network associated to the router and the work appears in your browser. If you want to see the second work, you have to repeat the operation and connect to the second router, etc. The pieces are available to everyone to enjoy online but they are disconnected from the Internet.

That work is pure Bartholl: simple and brilliant.

The other images don’t require much explanation:

0iiigodlike.UaKE.jpgNyoman Masriadi, Godlike, 2013. At Gajah Gallery. Photo: Heru Wibowo/Gajah Gallery via Bloomberg

0detailGodlike13953a063.jpgNyoman Masriadi, Godlike (detail), 2013. At Gajah Gallery

0charmingbaker145382b12.jpgCharming Baker, Love’s Revolution

I spotted lots and lots of ‘plush toy art’:

0a8antiquecc88c.jpg0antique5a0474.jpgRostan Tavasiev, Antique, 2005. At Anna Nova Art Gallery

0a8yeti6d.jpgOliver Bragg, Yeti, 2012. At Galerie E.G.P.

0aourson5eb14b.jpg0aoursona41c16_z.jpgAt Rebecca Hossack Gallery

0a8povchiens33c5a9.jpgMaria Bogoraz, DOGS project, N 7-9, 2012

0amadeinchinaa0e56b_z.jpgSui Jianguo, Made in China, 2007. (UCCA Limited Edition)

0a8godzilla030f.jpgDonghyun Son, Godzilla, 2010. At Aando Fine Art

0-godzilladetail4f861.jpgDonghyun Son, Godzilla (detail), 2010. At Aando Fine Art

0Terrorist-Savinkov-2013-Oil-on-Canvas-200-x-200-cm-Konstantin-BESSMERTNY_lr-483x500.jpgKonstantin Bessmertny, Terrorist Savinkov, 2013. At Amelia Johnson Contemporary

0a1881-2013-200-cm-Konstantin-BESSMERTNY_lr-489x500.jpgKonstantin Bessmertny, 1881, 2013. At Amelia Johnson Contemporary

0a85baum5ae0cdea.jpgRyu HoYeol, Baum, 2011. At Amelia Johnson Contemporary

0a8hannibalafa2c6d.jpgDonghyun Son, Mask 008 – Hannibal Lecter’s Mask, 2011 and Mask 035 Hit Girl, 2011. At Aando Fine Art

0aachameleonw9.jpgLee So Yeun, Chameleon, 2012. At Cais Gallery

0AlexandrovJury_1346415487.jpgJury Alexandrov. At Anna Nova Gallery

0a8zilvinas433d5bd.jpg0a8zilvinasDETAIL8f.jpgZilvinas Kempinas, Fountain, 2011

0iSpherical Drawing 002(Diorama For A Lost Reality).jpgGideon Kiefer, Spherical Drawing #001 – #002 (Diorama For A Lost Reality)

0a8hitchcock3427e0.jpgEric Chan, Hitchcock’s Love Affair with Abstract, 2013

0circus3d59d3.jpgPeter Blake, Circus Collage (Working Proof), 2013

0amelencolia2167499.jpgEduardo Arroyo, Melencolia – Mickey, 2003. At LEVY gallery

0Black_Conceal091_LoRes-783567.jpgDawn Black, Conceal Project. At Cynthia Reeves

0concealproeject99.jpg_standalone.jpgDawn Black, Conceal Project. At Cynthia Reeves

0a8leBARBU5e58ed.jpg0a8julius556fba6c_z.jpgJulius Von Bismarck. At Alexander Levy

0big inyellow34b00cf89a.jpgPeter Clark, Big in Yellow (detail), 2012. At Rebecca Hossack Gallery

0a8performancecopperc3dcaf4.jpgAlice Anderson, Travelling Factory performance

Lazarides’s booth was painted to look like a squat. Apparently, the gallery sold Banksy’s ‘Guantanamo Bay’, in the artist’s frame, for £375,000.

0alazaridesc9f4.jpgThe booth of Lazarides, London, U.K. with a Banksy above the fireplace. Photo © Coline Milliard


A 12m-long cylinder of rice paper and bamboo:

0a3_Art13_RicePaperBoat.jpgZhu Jinshi’s, Boat. Photo from Wallpaper

0a8viewa7b15a40.jpgZhu Jinshi’s, Boat