Huggy robot for hospitalised children

The Robotics & Multibody Research Group (a research group within the VUB – Brussels University) is working on Anty, an intelligent huggy robot that will entertain long-term hospitalised children. When developed the robot will walk, talk and show feelings. Besides, Anty will be able to develop different personalities, so kids don’t get bored with him.


Anty uses sensors for vision, audio and touch to interact with the children. By means of artificial intelligence, Anty is capable of understanding and expressing emotions.

A screen will be added on the belly of the toy to transmit explanations about a forthcoming operation or to display games for the child to play.

Anty will be able to look in the direction of a sound. Its artificial intelligence will determinate when Anty has been caressed, hit or hugged and the robot will react accordingly.

A first prototype of the fully autonomous intelligent robot is to be expected in 2007. As it is meant for kids, the robot will weight max. 4 kilos and be 70cm high.

Via Radiofreerobots.