Animal shape Visa cards

Visa card is discarding the traditional rectangular format to present an array of novelty credit cards in the shape of dogs, cats and, for the romantically-minded, roses.

I couldn’t find any animal shape credit card pictures, but I found this one, a «Visa light card». “the world’s first in featuring power-enhanced technology incorporating a mini-flashlight embedded in the card.”


The credit card company said Thursday it was developing 60 varieties of new cards in diverse designs to release on the Korean market this year and capture consumers’ imaginations. The cards will feature seven themes such as animals, festivals, anniversaries, musical instruments, sports, well-being and abstract paintings.

It explained that it could link the shape of credit cards to its marketing strategies, like issuing dog-shaped versions to pet lovers and providing them with complementary pet-related services.

Meanwhile, Master Card plans to release the smaller Side Card, which will come connected to an easy-to-carry case.

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