Instant clay animation

Animaatiokone (Animation Machine) is an installation that turns you into a master clay animator. It’s built of a potato peeling machine, a laptop PC and pinball machine buttons.


First you sculpt clay actors. When you’re happy with your cast, you locate the characters inside the mini-studio (inside the Animaatiokone machine), move the actors and capture frames. An overhead display allows you to check the shooting, you can also delete or add frames on the touch of a button. When you’re finish, you can add a soundtrack.


By Animaatiokone Industries, famous for Kick-ass kung fu.


Check also their no-potato-machine version: Animaatiokone Studio, a program for creating stop motion animation using only a PC and a camera. Take anything you want to animate, put it in front of a camera and get started. You can use 3D techniques like puppet or clay animation; or 2D stop-motion techniques like cutout or collage animation, crayon/sketch animation, etc.

Animaatiokone Industries will present their work at dorkbot Berlin, on Monday, February 6, at C-Base in Berlin. Other guests include Troika (SMS Guerilla projector, etc). The MC of the evening will be the magnificent Jussi Angesleva. Last year’s dorkbot was brilliant, i met tons of fantastic people and had loads of fun.