“Physically augmented reality” games

Shona Kitchen and Ben Hooker‘s PSP SSS (Site Specific System) concept adds a subtle degree of physical competition to computer games.

They have imagined specific structures in specific places in the city for specific PSP communities. Rather than sitting in the comfort of your home playing against other people who are physically distant, the Site Specific System provides a platform for the ultimate physical-virtual gaming session. For example a platform built above a road would be particularly suitable for people to play racing games.


The System takes on the characteristics of a high tech factory processing machine, containing steel panels that move via pneumatic pistons. The player is taken down into the system by a lift and positioned in their seat, the panels move in around them so that they fit neatly around the player like a glove. A panel is then catapulted away from under their feet, leaving their feet dangling to feel the swirling air and amplified noise of the traffic below. Each player has an additional set of buttons attached to their PlayStation Portable, which allow them to control the panels of their opponents. (video)

A project developed at the PSP Design Club, a lab where European creatives were invited to create a manifesto incorporating the PSP and drawing on inspiration from one of its core values “freedom”.

Via Digital Experience.

Much more physically challenging:
ITP students Daniel Albritton, Huang-ling Chen and Noah Shibley‘s aim with the Nintendo Amusement Park project is to build a life-sized game of Super Mario Brothers that you jump through in real space. The amusement park would use mechanical technology to give a player super powers which they must learn to control as they bound through a massive obstacle course in 3D space.


This includes a special jumping power that would be provided by an intelligent winch mounted on a two axis crane in the ceiling. It would work similarly to the types used for Hollywood stunts.

The early prototype lets the user begin exploring the sensation of augmented jumping power. The player is strapped into a parachute harness, bungees are attached to a motorized trellis in the ceiling, and the trellis is raised until the users feet just touch the ground. They are left to explore the ‘bounce space’ for a few minutes, and are then tasked with a few challenges (jump over an object, hit an object high in the air, avoid an object moving on the ground).

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