Magazine review: aminima 21

0aaminimi40.jpgJust received the latest issue of aminima::.

Focusing on contemporary art and in particular new media art, the magazine follows a methodology which resembles that of scientific magazines: the artists themselves write about their work. The website has recently been revamped and reflects better what the publication has achieved to become after just a few years of existence: a fantastic archives of texts written by inspiring people whose work reflects on aesthetic, technological and political issues.

So what’s inside this issue?

Dennis Dollens explains how he is applying techniques and methods from botany to develop a generative architecture that relies on biomimetics from both direct experience and software simulations;
radioqualia‘essay gives the lowdown on Radio Astronomy, a radio which uses radio telescopes throughout the world to broadcast audio from the cosmos, making thus the supposed silence of outer space audible; 0eliocaccca.jpg
Brad Smith writes about several projects he is working on, in one of them he established protocols for using magnetic resonance imaging to track differences in embryonic development between normal animals and mutant or gentically-manipulated embryos;
Elio Caccavale poetically reminds us how the life of Robert Pennington has probably been saved by a pig and which kind of social and ethical dilemnas such xenotransplantations might raise;
Florian Grond reveals what is behind his audio-visual installation Hear and Now;
– Usman Haque, Bengt Sjölén and Adam Somlai-Fischer tell you all you ever wanted to know about their Wificamera, a device that captures and forms images from wifi waves rather than light waves;
Hans Arkeveld‘s images and short text introduces us to the way he collaborates with scientists on projects including embryological cell development drawings, fossil reconstruction, etc;
Kathleen Rogers gives a fascinating overview of her exploration of the way human biology can become more directly accessible in emotional and aesthetic terms;

0astpiloio98.jpgStill from video installation, Tremor

– there’s also a presentation of Joystick –aka Andrea Gómez and Ricardo Duque– whose ideas revolve around notion of recycling of, apparent, waste, the adaptation of technology and the use of low cost resources;
– and much much more.

You can order the bi-monthly magazine by contacting aminima at aminima dot net. The publication is so cheap it is offending and is both in english and spanish.