A reBlogging philosophy II

Tim Shey have just wrapped up a two-week stint as guest reBlogger for Eyebeam, and as Tom Moody did, he wrote about his experience on Eyebeam reBlog.

I just hate it when Eyebeam reBloggers leave. It’s one of my favourite readings in the morning (no, not because NNF is among their feeds.)

I thought that nobody would be as funny and original as Beverly, but I loved the work of Tom too, then came Tim and it felt the same (he won me with the Museum of Bad Art.) Now comes Kathleen, so I’ll miss Tim but I am already looking forward to read her selections.

Max whose working with me on Near Near Future reBlogs too and recently a blogger from a very very famous blog told him that reblogging was an easy task. He sure should try…

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