A levitating Buddha powered by solar energy

Not sure this is the greatest piece of art i’ve ever seen but i like this way of symbolizing the power of a “green” energy.

SOH19 States of Nature, by Alex Vermeulen, consists of a pond of 1700 sq.m. with 88 floating black eggs. Each egg is equipped with a solar panel. The solar energy generated by all eggs is converted into a magnetic field that makes a human figure, placed in the middle of the pond, levitate and move up and down.

0renderihhj.jpg0fishypond.jpgRendering of the installation and photo of one of the eggs

The amount of generated power depends on the strength of the sunlight, the wind and clouds, and dictates how high the central figure rises. On a bright Summer day the sculpture will heave at a height of 3 meters. In the morning it will appear from under the water surface.
Images. Webcam live from the pond!

At the campus of the Technical University Eindhoven (NL).

Via Bright.