If you’re in Berlin or Amsterdam this winter

A few events worth mentioning. I’ll attend most of them (and would love to be in good company):

The MAKE Magazine team will be at Euro OSCON, the 2005 O’Reilly European Open Source Convention. It’s in Amsterdam they will have a “maker faire” on Wednesday, 19 October. So if you have cool projects, it’s a God given opportunity to show off.

Still in Amsterdam, Mediamatic is setting up Triggered by RFID 2, a CrashCourse designed as a Think-and-do Tank which explores RFID from an artist’s/ designer’s point of view. November 7, 8, 9. Register.

Call for Papers for the upcoming 22nd Chaos Communication Congress, also known as “22C3: Private Investigations“, a four-day conference on technology, society and utopia. Berlin, December 27-30. If you want to apply for a lecture, the official deadline is October 1st, 2005.