Swedish file sharers form political party

A political party has been set up in Sweden that plans to participate to the upcoming national elections. Piratpartiet plans to remove all immaterial rights, including copyrights and patents and also hopes to stop Sweden’s participation in international copyright organizations, including WIPO and WTO and to make it illegal to put any restrictions on distribution of digital content.

“Pirate Party” also aims to push even further the privacy laws and to make it illegal to track or monitor citizens’ communications online and offline.

To register an official party in Sweden, they need to get 1,500 signatures to support its cause. The organization managed to gather over 4,000 signatures in first 24 hours and is in process of validating the signatures.

The party says that it is against seeing the developing world starve because the developed world refuses to share its intellectual property.

Via El Navegante, the Inquirer and Afterdawn.