“Spot the ASBO suspect” TV channel

Video Networks is teaming with UK government-funded community association, The Shoreditch Trust, to bring IPTV services to residents of two council estates in Shoreditch, a neighborhood in London’s East End.


Dubbed the Shoreditch Digital Bridge (SDB), the new service will provide a series of services, including a controversial a community safety channel that will allow residents to use their TV sets to monitor the housing estate’s CCTV cameras, view a line-up of local residents who are considered potential troublemakers (i.e. who are the subjects of Anti-Social Behavior Orders), and receive live community safety alerts.

Via The Register and itvt.
Image from sabotag project. Optical illusions were created that added multiple versions of the artists on the security screens. The aim was to generate dis-belief in the mind of security operators so that they will no longer be able to rely on the illusion of security.