Games get tactile

Two strange but interesting applications for games. Both from Japan. Of course.

20031208im02.jpg20031208im01-2.jpgdwango has released a fishing game that allows players to catch fish using a camera phone and QR codes. There are over 100 kinds of fish as well as unknown creatures and driftwood, which are encoded in different QR codes. While fighting a fish, players must push phone keypads according to the instructions on the screen. Phones vibrate during fish fighting.

Via RFID in Japan, cross-posted on picturephoning.


Dragonball Z e-toy is a plug in for TV game. First you have to strap on strips of grey plastic called the “dragonhand”. The game’s built-in camera will then pick up hand movements as you fight. Hold your hand in an open palm to block, make a fist to punch and place both palms forward to unleash a kamehameha blast. You can play through the story mode and battle your favorite villains. Or try out mini game mode and help Goku scale a wall.

Via Crazy Japan. More images in siliconera.