Neterotopia has invited 11 artists to choose web site and use the spaces, usually intended for advertising.


The project is inspired by Michel Foucault’s concept of heterotopia. In opposition to the non-places of utopy, the heterotopies (literally: places of diversity), are defined by Foucault as “other spaces” capable to receive diversity and possibility, without disconnecting from the real world. Neterotopies are thus inserted in the media communication system, respecting its rules and limits, at same time attaching a new significance to advertising spaces. On display from 16th to 31st of March 2006 at physical spaces: Palais de Tokyo (Paris), NICC (Antwerp) and Careof (Milan).


Artists and websites: Christophe Bruno liberation – Ghazel – Susan Hefuna – Nathalie Hunter – Yuji Oshima – Peter Lemmensand Eva Cardon – Adam Vackar – Stephen Vitiello – Luca Vitone – Version (Gabriela Vanga, Ciprian Muresan e Mircea Cantor) – 0100101110101101.ORG

Images from Christophe Bruno‘s project (in)human science: a series of advertising banners with quotations of personalities who became famous in the realms of science or reason, but whose convictions went as far as reaching the -endlessly stretched- limits of the human being.

Via blog.fabrica.