Robotic vessels against pirates

Anti-piracy technologies endorsed by the International Maritime Bureau include an unmanned spy plane, the Inventus UAV, for aerial surveillance of risky waters; Secure-Ship, a 9,000 volt electric fence that when rigged around ship’s deck stops the pirates from boarding; and ShipLoc, a hidden tagging device for ships that allows satellites to track ships on behalf of their owners even after a hijacking.


In the future, robotic patrol boats could safeguard the seas from piracy and fight ocean-going people traffickers. Marine Robotics have created vessels called Ghost Guard which can patrol the seas along pre-programmed routes, overseen by a single, human controller on shore.

The boats can also escort other ships through dangerous waters. Video and other equipment on board these robotic ships allow their on-shore controllers to see and interact with the crew of any vessels they encounter. If they feel that there’s something suspicious they can call up a naval patrol vessel.

Via BBC news.