Inflatable suit of the day

Watashi-chan, by Tomoko Ueyama, is a garment that visualizes sounds in a space. The balloons attached to the clothing inflate when there is a sound in the space, even if the wearer does not consciously perceive that sound.


How it works: Watashi-chan divides the human audio range into six frequency bands and calculates the quantity and frequency of signals entering each frequency band. An electromagnetic valve is assigned to each frequency band. As a quantity of frequency signals is calculat-ed, a signal is sent to an electromagnetic valve to open it. As a result, air is sent to a balloon corresponding to the quantity of frequency signals. After a balloon has been inflated for one second, air is released again, so that the balloon does not inflate too much.

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The work is part of Ima-karada – IAMAS in Tokyo, an exhibition which introduces activities of the IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences / International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences) media school.

Runs on August 24 August and 26, at the Spiral Garden (Spiral 1F) in Tokyo.

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