Portable augmented reality

PlayAnywhere is a projector and computer vision system that displays interactive computer-generated images without the need for specially mounted cameras: any surface, such as a table or whiteboard, can thus be turned into an interactive input/output display.


Computer vision techniques allow users to use their hands to move, rotate and scale projected virtual objects (game pieces, cards, etc.) A computer, a projector and an image-processing system analyze incoming images from a video camera to realize what is happening on the surface and react. The system also keeps track of sheets of paper in its view and can project images onto them.

Possible applications: a combined sensor-projector-computation pod that a child can set up on the floor, creating an imaginary playfield. Or setting a cup of coffee on the surface and having the morning news flow around it. Every participant of a meeting setting would place their smart card on the surface so that the system could recognize everyone and automatically project their personal documents related to the meeting and each attendee.

A reseach by Andrew D. Wilson.
PDF of the project.

Via TRN.

UPDATE: Jesse Morrison sent me alink to the video.