Self-Sustainable Chair

Nothing brightens my day better than an inflatable dress!

0adebaout.jpg0190000w.jpgSelf-Sustainable Chair, by Joo Youn Paek (designer of the Polite Umbrella and the Pillowig), works a bit like the Uniblow Outfits. The dress is made up of 7 trash bags, 2 foot-pumps and a pair of slippers. The shoes pump air into an inflatable bubble attached to its rear part on each step, slowly turning the garment into a chair.

The chair is slowly deflated under the weight of the wearer, motivating him or her to consistently switch between walking and sitting as a loop behavior on the street. The balance between exercise and rest would be maintained by wearing this suit. The purpose of this project is to transform the humdrum experiences produced by routine walking commutes into an amusing interactive performance.

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The Self-Sustainable Chair is part of Unravel, a fashion show curated by Amanda Parkes (check out her boots that pump out air as you walk). Place & Time: Monday Aug 6, 2007 8:30PM / The Chapters Party ‘On Broadway’ 615 Broadway / San Diego.