GPS racing on your mobile phone

Paul has updated his list of mobile phone games using GPS or cell towers signals.
Here’s one of the latest additions:
With RealReplay, you can choose the track you want to race on, select your opponent and start playing with everyone, without being dependent on their time.
Whether you’re in a car, on a bike, or a sailing boat, all you have to do is tell your mobile phone to start recording. The phone will capture your every movement using GPS. Set checkpoints to define the key parts of your track. Your future opponents will have to pass them and get information on their intermediate time.
Others will find your track and race against you – even without you being present! If you’d like to pit your strength against your friends, inform them about the area where your race starts. They can then accept your challenge whenever they want.
On the display of your mobile phone you will always see your current position and route, as well as the one your opponent took when he recorded his race, which is played back as a replay.
Developed by Mopius.