If you’re around…

I don’t like to make self-promotion but as several people have kindly asked me to attend events they organize, it would only be fair to announce their workshops and seminars before it’s too late:

From September 21 till September 25, i’ll cover 100% design in London. Will also have a peek at Vuk‘s personal at the ICA. If there’s any other exhibit (or party) worth blogging or spoiling, drop me a line.


On October 6, i’ll be speaking at Belgium‘s first conference about blogging. It will be a very Vive la France event, speakers include Gilles Klein from Le Monde and Pointblog (one of my favourite reads), Patrice Cassard from LaFraise, Loic Le Meur, etc. Merci François for having invited me. Eh, Olivia! tu seras là?

At the end of October, i’ll probably blog the Art Futura festival in Barcelona (to be confirmed).

On November 11-13, there’s Design Engaged in Berlin where participants come together to discuss ideas in progress and participate in activities that exercise design thinking. Last year’s edition was apparently a huge success so i’m honored to have been invited. Thanks Andrew !

On November 15, Olia Lialina invited me at the Merz Akademie, in Stuttgart, to talk about blogging. It’s part of a series of talks dedicated to “Media changed my life”. Other speakers (are much more interesting than me and) include: Lev Manovich (Oct. 20), Armin Medosch (Nov. 8), Femke Snelting (Nov. 28), etc.

On December 6 and 7, i’ll be in North and South Wales to talk about making money with media art (will find a serious title later). Big thanks to Emma Posey from BLOC for the invitation.

I’ll end the year talking with Jussi Angesleva about nerdy arty projects at the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress, the annual congress of the Chaos Computer Club, December 27th to 30th (perfect timing, guys!), in Berlin. They are accepting lecture submissions until October 1st. Danke Tim (see? my german is getting better!)

That’s it for the moment, as there are several other events that still have to be confirmed.

UPDATE: Thanks to Lonneke and Willem for the invitation to Triggered by RFID, a Think-and-do Tank which explores RFID from an artist’s/ designer’s point of view. At Mediamatic, Amsterdam, on November 7, 8, 9. To register.