3 minutes²

3 minutes², by French art collective Electric Shadow, recreates an extremely reduced living unit that can extend beyond its physical borders via the image.


The space permanently reconfigures itself according to its inhabitant’s activities and also defines itself in time. The scenario presents in a few minutes the compression of most activities and functions taking place in the habitat and corresponding to its inhabitant daily life, eating, sleeping, working, etc.

The inhabitant himself is represented in the image as a silhouette and habitat is building itself around her/him as a cocoon.

3 minutes² tries to draw the shape of a daily life modified by technologies and the presence of the virtual. Hhybridation of real and virtual is fictively acquired and becomes the ground for the proposition of a habitat which anticipates the technological and social modifications making it possible.

No screens, no visible interfaces, the two characters touch the walls, make movements, the habitation responds to them. The technology has become totally invisible and the effect of technologic becomes then magic.