Console hacking, drones and videos from 23C3

0lap32.jpg23C3 ended Friday night. I had a fantastic time there, met the usual crowd of super smart and super nice people, have been aghast at the depth of my ignorance when i read the title of many of the talks, fell in love with the prototypes of the One Laptop per Child and vowed that i’ll be there next year (without the flu hopefully.)

I might post my scribbling from one or two talks later on but in the meantime, here’s a few links that might make you forget all about your post-party hunghover:

Julian posted his notes from the Console hacking lecture where Felix Domke gave the lowdown on the current state of getting homebrew code – your own games – running on the XBox 360, the Wii and the PS3.

Sascha presented his Blinks & Buttons project during the lightning talks-session.

Notes on 2 new hacker tools for Bluetooth. BTCrack and Hidattack, released at 23c3, demonstrate serious security vulnerabilities in Bluetooth at the protocol level.

23C3 lectures and drone-related events on Google Video and You Tube.