Musical clouds

The Cloud Harp Project , by Nicolas Reeves, is a meteo-electronic installation that converts in real-time the structure of the clouds that float above it, thanks to an infra-red laser beam and a telescope. The recorded information is then converted into sounds and musical sequences.


The Cloud Harp Project was first introduced in Amos in 1997, the installation could register the clouds’ movements at up to 4000 meters. The new model is twice as powerful and equipped with high performance tools-software. Furthermore, the Harp was set-up in New-York in 2001 but was damaged during the September 11th attacks. The creator decided to keep the damaged panels and to integrate them as a symbolic aspect.

The music produced by the Harp can be heard on site, but will also be broadcasted in real-time over the Internet . The broadcast started up again this month (from September 1st to October 2nd) in Montreal, as part of the Art&D exhibition presented by The Society for Arts and Technology.

Via Hexagram.