Back to the playground

Internet games and chat rooms have replaced urban playgrounds as venues for social interaction. In Zona de Recreo (Playground), by Spanish artist Diego Diaz, the traditional game device has been adapted to the world of new technologies.


To move, explore and navigate within the virtual space, players (maximum 4) must use their body weight: riding on and shaking the interactive sculpture, they can navigate the virtual scenary displayed on the monitor. The activation of the blocks of touch-panel of the monitor leads them to the anoher dimension.

The image also are screened to the wall, so others can follow the game.


Another collaborative game involving physical action is “BlowAway, The Winds of Therslow“, by Kevin Cannon of Dublin University, where up to six players must use their breath to control the movement of a balloon. They collect items and avoid enemies across four different islands and use custom-built sensors, located around a circular table, to move the balloon over the game landscapes.


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